When donating use our secure credit card or PayPal service below, our local riding association will provide you an official receipt for your donation, which will give you a 75% tax credit for donations from $20-to-$400. The next $350 is a 50% credit. ($401-to-$750) The final $525 receives a 33.33% credit. ($751-to-$1200) Whereby $1200 is the maximum amount you can claim a tax credit on per year. The maximum credit works out to $625.

Our local EDA uses such donations to operate and manage the affairs of the party locally between election campaigns; such as for hosting MP visits/events, community outreach events/awareness, mailings, day-to-day operations, and to build on our campaign war chest for stronger campaign readiness.

Our Windsor West EDA Mailbox is at 1690 Huron Church Road, Box #111, Windsor, ON  N9C 0A9
Please make all mailed donation chqs payable to: "Windsor West Conservative Association"...thank you

We appreciate all donations, and if you have any questions prior please contact us.

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